About me

I am a 21-year-old Dutch guy, who’s studying in university. I can dream endlessly about traveling to faraway countries, but have somewhat limited possibilities of fulfilling this dream, as I’d probably have to sell a kidney to get the money together. I’m shy around people I haven’t met before, hate being the center of attention and prefer meeting friends to watch a game of football over partying until I can’t tell my arse from my elbow. I like doing sports and being outdoors in general and love taking hour-long walks. I prefer winter over summer, trains over airplanes and coffee over tea. I am shy but curious, insecure but honest and I’m a straight guy but like to wear women’s clothing.

Did you notice how the part about me being a crossdresser comes last? I hope so, because there’s some reasoning behind that. As most crossdressers will probably agree, being someone who likes to dress as the opposite sex is a pretty big deal, even in today’s society. Over the years, I learned that if you let it be a big deal yourself, it sort of starts to get a life of its own and it won’t take long before it takes over your life completely.  I like to think of my personality as being a puzzle and of crossdressing as being one of the numerous pieces you need to complete the puzzle. If you take away the piece (i.e. crossdressing), the puzzle (my personality) won’t be complete. However, if you look at the complete puzzle, you’ll find that it covers so much more than just the crossdressing.



  1. Very well put.

    Just like to say, my absolute biggest crossdressing regret is I didn’t come to terms with it and learnt to accept and even love that it’s a part of me until I was in my late 30s. Before that I’d spent my life hiding it from everybody and hating myself for wanting to dress that way. I look on those years as being a complete loss and a waste in so many ways as a result. I’m really happy for you that you seem to have learnt to accept and embrace it a lot quicker than I managed, you’re going to be far happier as a result…

    1. Hey there!

      It’s a shame to read it took you so long to find a way to accept being a crossdresser. I have to admit, I’m not really ’embracing’ it myself either though. Although I do accept that I’m a crossdresser and can’t do anything to change that (I found that out the hard way), I can’t say there aren’t moments I wish I didn’t have the inexplicable urge to wear women’s clothing. That’s the reason I’m not ‘out’ to anyone I know in real life yet, I still have to find a way to completely feel at ease with it myself.

      1. Yeah I get that, the fact you’re on here talking about it is a huge step for you though, I know I wouldn’t have dreamed of it at 21.

        For what it’s worth I found telling somebody in real life was one of the biggest things I did that helped me feel at ease about it. It took me 33 years to finally tell somebody about it and within 3 months of doing do I’d told another 4 or 5, and the way those people reacted to it played a huge part in making me realise it wasn’t something I needed to feel ashamed about. I’ve still not told any of the male friends in my life but most of my female ones know now and the fact I have people I can talk about it to has made such a huge difference to my world.

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