2014 Crosdressing Recap

Now that Christmas is around the corner and New Year’s Eve is breathing down its neck, it is time for a recap of the last 12 months of crossdressing. It has been an eventful year, in which new chapters have been opened and others have been closed, never to be looked at again.

For the sake of whoever decides to read this, I decided to divide this story into the three parts that, I think, best portray the different aspects of crossdressing: the physical aspect, the clothing aspect and the mental aspect.


Undesired urges

Being a student, I run into the same problem over and over again: there always seems to be some month left at the end of my money. To keep my expenses at bay, I decided to move into the cheapest student house I could find, whilst avoiding the houses that made me wonder whether or not the rent included a monthly tetanus-shot. Surprisingly, it didn’t take long at all to end up with the house I’m currently still living in: an incredibly small former dockworkers house, built in the early 1900’s, which I share with four other, female, students.