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How crossdressing did(n’t) change my day-to-day life

I’m going through my browser history, in search of an online store I visited yesterday when I was looking for cheap wigs. A first quick glance doesn’t result in me finding the site I was looking for, so I decide to go through the sites I visited one by one. It turns out the first few pages I visited after deleting my browser history were some youtube videos on making hip pads. After that, I spent over 2 hours watching videos on the awesome Australian V8 Supercars racing series, starting with the incredible last few laps of kiwi Scott McLaughlin during the second race of the 2014 season. A couple of hours later, I was once again looking for some hip pads tutorials. Funnily enough, my somewhat inconsistent browsing behaviour is indicative for my interests in day-to-day life.